Distant Worlds IV: more music from FINAL FANTASY

by Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY

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Faerieland Ghost
Faerieland Ghost thumbnail
Faerieland Ghost I love the game. I love the music. I hope more album will come out because Distant Worlds is never held in Thailand. Favorite track: Cosmo Canyon (FINAL FANTASY VII).
galendev thumbnail
galendev Seen the Distant Worlds show twice, and looking forward to seeing it again in Los Angeles next year! A new take on some of my favorite music. Love it. Favorite track: Festival of the Hunt (FINAL FANTASY IX).
reira69 thumbnail
reira69 I've been a fan of Final Fantasy Music since the 90's because it's sublime, all of the tracks. I particularly love this album because it contains a track from FFXII, which it's got one of the best OSTs ever. Favorite track: The Dalmasca Estersand (FINAL FANTASY XII).
azureusstorm thumbnail
azureusstorm Love seeing the range of games expand with this newest album. I'm still holding out for Crystal Chronicle "Sound of the Wind" tho :)
kubiyo thumbnail
kubiyo How epic and nostalgic all these songs are. Favorite track: APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS (FINAL FANTASY XV).
Spicy Wolf
Spicy Wolf thumbnail
Spicy Wolf This has to be the best set list of any Distant Worlds record to date. So happy to see some of the lesser-known pieces such as Phantom Forest and Zephyr Memories, as well as some FF XV songs, finally receiving the full orchestra treatment. For long-time Final Fantasy fans, this is a must-buy. Favorite track: Zephyr Memories -Legend of the Eternal Wind- (FINAL FANTASY III).